Advantages for the customer

Keep your money in the bank

Leasing lets you keep your money in the bank, make the most of your operations of fixed asset budgets’ purchasing power and exceed the limits of your budget.

100% financing

Contrary to most traditionnal financing methods, you generally have no cash-down requirement.

No advance tax payment

You only pay the PST ans GST on the amount of the lease; you do not have to pay advance tax on the total cost of the equipment.

Préservation de la marge de crédit

Les précieuses liquidités et marges de crédit sont réservées à la croissance de votre entreprise.  On n’a jamais trop de liquidités!

Possible income tax savings

Leasing often offers tax-saving opportunities, and assets do not appear on the balance sheet. The liabilities / total assets ratio does not change.

Paying, while making profits

You establish the cost of the equipment in current dollars and pay this cost gradually, always in current dollars, as you use the equipment. For a small monthly cost, you can add more equipment and accessories.

Balance income and expenses

You can balance your income and your expenses by paying the equipment as you are using it and hence generate income or protect your profits.

Fast and simple process

Leasing is fast in simple. You get the equipment and the necessary financing all in one place. Credit approval and documents to be completed are simple and quickly taken care of.