Advantages for the supplier…

Increase in sales:

Your sales will increase because customers who choose leasing have a tendency to exchange their equipment at the end of their leasing contract, hence encouraging frequent equipment upgrades. In so doing, customers always dispose of the latest technologies and their productivity is maintained.

Multiple order:

It is also possible to increase your order, as it is easier to increase a payment by a few dollars a month than to disburse an important amount for a piece of equipment.

Flexible payment conditions:

You can offer your customers a vast selection of standard payment conditions. In addition, they can count on us to set up special payment terms and conditions, tailored to their needs, such as: differed payment plans, seasonal payment plans or payment plans according to cash flow.

Notice of expiration of leasing agreement:

The supplier will receive a notice of expiration for his customers’ leasing agreements. This notice can be a precious tool for planning new sales.

Automated credit processing:

Our computerized credit approval scoring system allows us to approve credit for certain customers without the need for financial information. This can save our suppliers a great amount of time.

Brokerage services:

When a customer cannot be approved by our main financial partner (shareholder), we alternately use a vast brokerage network with whom we have been doing business for over10 years. This option offers the supplier an opportunity to increase his customers’ approval ratio and offer diversified services.