Why a broker


Competitive, flexible and available

It is important for your broker to know what the specific criteria for approval are for each financial institution in order to submit your request to the proper party.

Your broker compares products, conditions, as well as monthly installments with the various financial institutions, in order to offer you the financing solution that best suits your needs, at the best price. These institutions actually prefer working with brokers, as this translates into important administrative benefits (fewer representatives, fewer offices)…

Handling this work yourself can be very time-consuming. Your broker works with numerous financial institutions on your behalf, each of which offers a multitude of products and services. The broker is in a better position to analyze all of these products and determine which products better respond to your needs in an effort to find the best solution, a solution tailored to your specific needs. Your broker also provides a personalized service, and over the years, builds strong relationships based on trust. He keeps abreast of your company’s evolution and assists you every step of the way to make sure you are choosing the best financing solution, a solution adapted to your needs. He will also be present to assist you for the duration of your contract.

Your broker, LC Leasing, is a fast, simple solution to make you save time and money. Our flexibility gives us great financing potential with a wide variety of options, all of which are available under just one roof.